Coasteering on the Yorkshire Coast



Discover the coastline in a new exciting way. Join our qualified Instructors on an adventure around the pools, rocks and smugglers caves at Thornwick Bay.


Coasteering is a mix of swimming, traversing the low level shoreline and jumping into the sea. The chalky cliffs around Thornwick give excellent conditions for this exhilarating adventure.


We can cater for all ages and abilities. Learn about the coastline and some of the interesting history of Flamborough during your tour.


We provide Full body wetsuits, Helmets and Bouyancy Aids.


You will need a Swimsuit, Towel, Shorts to go over Wetsuit and Trainers.


Great group Activity!


Prices from £40 per person


Bay Watersports Instructors have trained with the best guides from ERA Adventures Cornwall and are members of the National Coasteering Charter.