SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand-Up Paddleboarding also known as SUP is the fastest growing watersport over the past few years.


SUP is an excellent cross training workout. As you are balancing on the board, you are exercising your legs whilst paddling works your arms and the core of your body.


  • SUP Tuition:

Bay Watersports offer beginner lessons to get you up and paddling in a safe environment. James is our SUP expert who is a recognised BSUPA Instructor.

Learn to get up on the board, the various paddle strokes, basic theory and rescue procedures. Essential skills to learn before venturing on your own.

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Beginners Course £20 pp



  • SUP Club:

Early evening group sessions run throughout the summer months in Filey Bay. Learn the Paddle strokes and best techniques to develop your skills. Develop more adventurous maneuvers and pivot turns.



  • SUP Adventures:

Bay Watersports also offer guided tours of the coastline. Please contact us for further details.



We are proud to be resellers of Sandbank SUP Style iSUPs. Best quality high density drop stitch material construction of boards. Double skin capable of 30psi for ultimate rigidity and performance.

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